When we write about our experiences with addiction, we increase awareness within our community. We create healing and therapy by sharing.

The O'Brien House Essay Contests

The O'Brien House Essay Contests are annual contests for high school students and people in recovery in the state of Louisiana. It is an opportunity for people who have been touched by addiction to share their stories through writing. The winners will be recognized at the prestigious O'Brien House Annual Breakfast and awarded prizes.

About O'Brien House

The O’Brien House was established in 1971 to serve adult recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Named after Paul S. “Pat” O’Brien, one of our founders who spent 53 years of his life working with alcoholics and educating the public about the disease of alcoholism.

O’Brien House has expanded into a large campus that provides a comprehensive continuum of care that includes treatment, prevention and community development initiatives.

O’Brien House offers a comprehensive range of treatment programs focusing on four areas: Residential Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Adult Education and Prevention Programs. Contact us today to find out more information about what we do here at Obrien House. We are here to help you, so give us a call today!



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